Car Specifications

  • controlled uprights and single pot-slide callipers with solid discs all round, with adjustable brake bias and controlled master brake cylinder. 

  • Powered by Kawasaki ZX7R 
  • space frame steel box section chassis with MSA specification double roll hoop, in addition to lateral bars and rearward braces to produce a driver 'Safety Cell'. 

  •  A controlled lightweight fibreglass bodywork and aero package is designed to maximise style, create functional and adjustable down force. All this is delivered with low drag, allowing the driver to further maximise performance. The aero package consists of adjustable front and rear wings and a full-length, lightweight fibreglass, flat floor venturi system. 

  •  Directly connected to the space frame using spherical rod end bearings are computer designed unequal length double wishbones. The suspension is designed to give total control, low roll centres, and a low centre of gravity with full adjustment to camber, caster and wheel alignment. This allows for maximum handling and control for the drivers preference